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From the moment your plane decends from the clouds and you set eyes on Tahiti, we promise you will see much more than another beautiful white sand beach. The main islands are mountainous, featuring lush green landscapes! Among its 333 isalnds are rainforests that meet with the cobalt-and-white shorts. Resorts are all over the land that begin with its world renowned hospitality and are perfect for spa-goers, golfers, water-sport enthusiasts, foodies, and everyone in between. Adventurous, exceptionally friendly, environmentally conscious, in-part cultured and in-part wild and, of course, extraordinarily good-looking, Fiji is as well-rounded a tropical destination as you're likely to set barefoot on!

Here at LaMacchia Travel, we provide a variety of different options when you vacation to Fiji. Our most popular choice is a tour package, where we combine air and hotel to provide you the best price for land vacations! If you would like to take your journey over water, you may be interested in a cruise! We offer a wide variety of cruising all throughout the South Pacific. As always we are here to help you with all of the inbetweens such as excursions, car rentals, show tickets and much, much more!