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When travelers think of Tahiti, images of islands made up of white sand beachs in turquoise blue waters begin to appear. Out of the 118 islands in the South Pacific, you will find the heart of it all, where Tahiti lies. Tahiti has everything from five-star resorts to chic shopping areas. It has its natural attractions as well such as, cloud-swathing mountains, deep valleys, rivers, waterfalls and even ancient temple ruins that appear all over the valley. While it is the busiest of all of the islands, Tahiti still has that laid back, relaxing charm leaving you with no worries. 

Here at LaMacchia Travel, we provide a variety of different options when you vacation to Tahiti. Our most popular choice is a tour package, where we combine air and hotel to provide you the best price for land vacations! If you would like to take your journey over water, you may be interested in a cruise! We offer a wide variety of cruising all throughout the South Pacific. As always we are here to help you with all of the inbetweens such as excursions, car rentals, show tickets and much, much more!