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Only 6 weeks left of regular NFL season: It’s time to start thinking about Super Bowl LIV

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MILWAUKEE -- Only six weeks left of the regular NFL season. So now is the time to start thinking about Super Bowl LIV. Tom Karnes, LaMacchia Travel president, joins FOX6 WakeUp with travel tips.

There are really 2 types of Super Bowl customers:

  1. The FAN that will only book when they know their team is going, I’m talking to those Packer fans
  2. Bucket list type fan who doesn’t really care who goes but plans all year to attend a Superbowl

Companies like Funjet Vacations have created packages for both times the Packers went to the big game.  If the Packers do go there it is a good chance that Funjet will again provide packages.

A typical package includes:

  • 3 nights’ accommodations
  • Ticket to the games (upgraded seats available for add’l cost)
  • Transfers to and from the game
  • Tailgate party
  • Local host or guide to oversee your complete satisfaction

o             In the past they have included charter air from Milwaukee

For fan #2 packages are offered starting about a year in advance and truly provide a once in a lifetime experience.  Companies like Road Trip Sports and Prime Sports have packages to all major events.  These are bonded and insured companies that allow for peace of mind in such a high-risk purchases so far in advance.  Because their packages are available so much farther in advance they offer a few more options.

Besides the accommodations, transfers, and tickets to the game they offer

  • VIP access to NFL Experience
  • Suite upgrades
  • Private receptions with NFL players
  • Welcome gifts
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