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Bursting with history, culture and adventure, Berlin is every explorer’s dream come true. The city’s past has been as tumultuous and captivating as its present and future. Home to the Brandenburg Gate, built in the 18th century, this famous landmark has served as a physical symbol for reunification amidst the Divided City during the reign of Cold War. Today, it stands along sites like the Holocaust memorial and fragments from the once impenetrable Berlin Wall – a potent reminder of what once was. While exploring the city’s vibrant art scene and modern landmarks like the internationally acclaimed Berliner Philharmonie, you’ll have no problem filling your days with excitement in Berlin!

Explore the Area
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • East Side Gallery
  • The Holocaust Memorial
  • Memorial of the Berlin Wall
  • Cookies Cream
  • Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor

Quick Facts

  • Euro

  • German

  • 230 Volts

  • +49

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