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Venice is a unique city steeped in history and culture. Located in Italy, this glittering metropolis has been a hub of activity and commerce since its founding around the year 1000 AD. The canals that criss-cross the city give it an entirely distinct feel and aesthetic, making it unlike any other place on earth. Beyond its rich cultural heritage and iconic architecture, Venice boasts a thriving arts scene, with many world-renowned museums and galleries drawing visitors from all across the globe. Whether you are looking for vibrant nightlife, exquisite food, or fascinating historical sights, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in Venice. So if you are looking to explore an extraordinary city brimming with beauty and life, look no further than Italy’s amazing jewel – Venice.

Explore the Area
  • Doge’s Palace
  • Canal Grande
  • Basilica di San Marco
  • The Glam Restaurant
  • Campanile di San Marco
  • Osteria alle Testiere

Quick Facts

  • Euro

  • Italian

  • 230 Volts

  • +39

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