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Nolan Flynn

"Difficult roads leads to beautiful destinations"
- Unknown

About Nolan

Nolan stepped into LaMacchia Travel back in 2012, when he was just a sophomore in high school looking for his first job and it turns out Kenosha's award winning travel agency was the right choice! It started out as a job he had found on facebook, which led him to meeting people and going places he couldn't ever imagine.  He does a little bit of everything at LaMacchia Travel from being a customer service liason to managing large marketing campaigns that are being broadcasted all over the nation. Nolan is one of 10 kids, so he understands why people value a GREAT vacation, spending time with friends and family that create memories that last a lifetime. Being only 19 years old, Nolan has yet to travel as much as he wants to, but when he does you would probably find him outdoors, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, drinking and eating everything in site! 

Top Three Travel Experiences

Cancun, Mexico

My very first time traveling outside of the country, I went to Cancun, Mexico and stayed at the Hard Rock Cancun. This was also my first All-Inclusive experience. I felt so safe traveling so far away from home and it was beyond relaxing! Unlimited food, beverages, pristine beaches, beautiful weather and foam parties, who could go wrong!?

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Just a 45 minute drive from the Cancun airport, and you have arrived in arguably one of the coolest towns in the world. The beach is perfect, the ocean is the bluest of blues, and their are endless possibilities for eating and drinking all over town. I also took a 45 minute ferry ride from Playa del Carmen over to Cozumel to see some of the largest reefs in the world!

Mercer, Wisconsin

Here in Wisconsin, everybody either knows somebody or has been to this little place we like to call "up north". Ever since I was a kid, my family would stay up at our cottage that was right on the lake, soaking up the sun, kayaking, swimming, making delicious meals, and stepping away from our regular mundane life to enjoy time with family. Although LaMacchia Travel does not service vacations to Wisconsin's Northern Woods, these are traits that everyone should look for in a vacation!


I had the enjoyable experience to take the escorted tour to Iceland in January. Nolan and Alyssa were so very helpful throughout the trip making sure that everyone was enjoying themselves and that we taken care of in every possible way. I can't say enough about the trip. It was unfortunate that we couldn't see the Northern Lights due to the weather but everything else was wonderful. I would recommend LaMacchia travel wholeheartedly.

Maureen Blasi