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Set Sail with Norwegian Cruise Line: Discover Unforgettable Adventures and Exclusive Deals!

Welcome to the world of Norwegian Cruise Line, where thrilling adventures and spectacular voyages await. At LaMacchia Travel, we’re excited to bring you the best of Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet and exclusive deals to make your dream cruise a reality. With a diverse range of ships, each offering its own unique charm and experiences, Norwegian Cruise Line ensures you’ll find the perfect vessel for your next journey. From the Caribbean’s turquoise waters to the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska and beyond, Norwegian Cruise Line promises unforgettable moments at sea. Explore our selection of Norwegian Cruise Line ships and take advantage of our special offers to embark on the cruise of a lifetime.



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Save up to 50% off ALL Cruises, plus FREE Unlimited Open Bar Airfare & More!

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10% Off All Cruise Fares

Military Appreciation Program

NCL is proud to extend an exclusive discount to members of the military, veterans and their spouses.

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Introducing Norwegian Aqua

  • Pride Of America (1)

    Discover America Afloat: Unforgettable Cruises Await

  • Norwegian Viva (1)

    Viva the Caribbean Dreams: Setting Sail with a Seafaring Masterpiece

  • Norwegian Sun (1)

    Sunrise to Sunset Adventures: Explore the World Aboard Norwegian Sun

  • Norwegian Star (1)

    Starlight Adventures: Embark on a Cruise of Discovery

  • Norwegian Spirit (1)

    Spirit of Adventure: Set Sail on a Journey of Discovery

  • Norwegian Sky (1)

    Skybound Escapes: Cruise into a World of Endless Adventure

  • Norwegian Prima (1)

    Charting a Prima Course: Unleash Your Adventure at Sea

  • Norwegian Pearl (1)

    Pearl of the Seas: Your Portal to Nautical Adventures

  • Norwegian Joy (1)

    Experience Joyful Adventures: Set Sail Aboard a Seafaring Gem

  • Norwegian Jewel (1)

    Jewel of the Seas: Your Passport to Unforgettable Adventures

  • Norwegian Jade (1)

    Jade Elegance: Embark on an Enchanting Cruise Adventure

  • Norwegian Gem (1)

    Unearth Your Gem: Where Every Cruise Sparkles with Splendor

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