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Egypt is rich with ancient history and full of gorgeous temples, soaring lotus-bud columns, enormous stone portals laced with delicate carvings, elaborate underground tombs, windswept desert monasteries, and richly decorated mosques. But as extraordinary as these sights are, they will probably not be the things that linger in your memory after you return home. Egypt is one of the world’s oldest civilizations, having emerged from the Nile Valley over 3,100 years ago and is probably one of the oldest vacation spots. It all started with the Greeks and Romans that would travel to Egypt for fun and luxury. Now contemporary travelers go to Egypt for the adventure! From luxury hotels, delicious 5 star cuisine to scuba diving in the red sea, there seems to be something for everyone! 

LaMacchia Travel offers a variety of services for Egypt. Our agents can help you select the perfect escorted tour. If you are interested in more of an independent vacation, we can also hand craft your very own African journey. You are not limited to only land, we offer a variety of cruises for you to choose from, including Nile River cruises. Finally we can help you with all of the in-betweens such as rental car, railroad, and special tour knowledge to help you build a perfect African vacation.