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A rich and diverse history, bustling cities, stunning turquoise waters and delicious cuisine - Vietnam has it all. Visit the ancient city of Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) for a head-spinning introduction to this vibrant country, see the stunning sunsets over Halong Bay by traditional  junk boat and cycle the backstreets of Hoi An. With everything from superb cuisine to stun­ning landscapes, this corner of Southeast Asia dazzles the senses, where the youthful population rushes to embrace the future. Around Vietnam, lush jungles and jag­ged karst peaks beckon adventurers. Absorb all Vietnam has to offer, but take time to relax, perhaps on the long, alluring coastline with world-class beaches.

LaMacchia Travel offers a variety of services for Vietnam. Our agents can help you select the perfect escorted tour. If you are interested in more of an independent vacation, we can also hand craft your very own journey to Asia. You are also not limited land vacations, we offer a variety of cruises for you to choose from all throughout Asia. Finally we can help you with all of the in-betweens such as rental car, railroad, and special tour knowledge to help you build a perfect vacation.