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 In the past couple of years Panama has become Central America's hottest destination. Soon, this best-kept secret will become a favorite destination for beach goers, city dwellers, family vacationers, surfers and adventurers, not to mention history buffs. Beyond its famous canal (which, 100 years after its completion, still astonishes all who visit), scads of travelers are discovering vast jungles that hold amazing biological diversity, idyllic islands ringed with coral reefs, and mountain forests filled with exotic birds. Panama City is the exciting, and rapidly developing, hub from which to explore–-a vibrant and diverse metropolis with excellent dining, lodging, and nightlife, and an abundance of day-trip options.

Here at LaMacchia Travel, we provide a variety of different options when you vacation to Panama. Our most popular choice is a tour package, where we combine air and hotel to provide you the best price for land vacations! If you would like to take your journey over water, you may be interested in a cruise! We offer a wide variety of cruising all throughout the Central America. As always we are here to help you with all of the inbetweens such as excursions, car rentals, show tickets and much, much more!