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Although it's a small country—about the size of the state of Indiana—Jordan is a destination with a great deal of variety, including fascinating historical and biblical sites, vast and beautiful desert landscapes, the Dead Sea, the ancient city of Petra, and the famously warm Jordanian hospitality. It's also extremely easy to get around in Jordan, which means that a trip of a week or 10 days is enough to experience many of the country's highlights. Most travelers find that renting a car gives the greatest amount of freedom and English is widely spoken, especially in tourist areas. Contact our Travel Expert today to start planning a customized trip to this fascinating country.

Here at LaMacchia Travel, we provide a variety of different options when you travel to the Middle East. Our most popular choice is a tour package, where we combine air and hotel to provide you the best price for land vacations! As always we are here to help you with all of the in-betweens such as excursions, car rentals, show tickets and much, much more!