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Planning a trip to AlUla in Saudi Arabia offers an exciting experience that is steeped in art, history and culture. Hegra, an ancient UNESCO World Heritage City, provides a magnificent backdrop to explore the ruins of Dadan and its surrounding temples – a must see for any visitor! Don’t forget to make time for the unique AlUla Old Town with its beautiful historical buildings and Elephant Rock nearby – it’s simply breathtaking. If you’re looking for something more contemporary, be sure to visit AlJadidah which boasts many vibrant galleries featuring local art as well as modern architecture. A trip to AlUla with LaMacchia Travel is sure to be unforgettable – from exploring the grand deserts of Hegra to discovering all the hidden gems dotted across the region, there are memories waiting to be made around every corner!

Explore the Area
  • Hegra

  • Jabal AlFil (Elephant Rock)

  • Old Town of AlUla

  • Maraya

  • Al Diwan

  • Jabal Ithlib

Quick Facts

  • Saudi Riyal

  • Arabic

  • 230 Volts

  • +966

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