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Known mostly as a popular stop for cruise ships, Cozumel is a densely forested island off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.  Because of this, it has also become a super popular destination for travelers looking for a much quieter, slower-paced Caribbean experience than you might find in nearby Cancun. But that doesn’t mean you’re not close to the action. Just a 30-minute boat ride away is Playa Del Carmen, an iconic shopping district on the mainland with something for everyone. The island of Cozumel itself tends to calm down in the evening when the cruise ships take off, providing some more down to earth nightlife. Cozumel is also a diving destination/ This proximity of dive sites to the island coupled with the fact that "drift diving" was essentially invented in Cozumel waters makes scuba diving one of the island's most popular activities for travellers from around the world to experience.

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