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Italy’s great food, beautiful countryside, fabulous wine, and long history make it an excellent country to visit. Our clients love the vineyards in Florence, the ancient streets in Rome, the laid back nature of Southern Italy, the gorgeous Cinque Terre, and romantic Venice.There’s so much to do in Italy that it would take a lifetime to finish; don’t rush it in just one visit. Italy is best seen slowly – just like the attitude of the country. Our Travel Experts will take care of all the details so all you have to do is relax, take in the scenery, and grab a gelato .

LaMacchia Travel offers a variety of services for Italy. Our agents can help you select the perfect escorted tour. If you are interested in more of an independent vacation, we can also hand craft your very own European journey. You are not limited to only land, we offer a variety of cruises for you to choose from. Finally we can help you with all of the in-betweens such as rental car, railroad, and special tour knowledge to help you build a perfect European vacation.

Italy's capital is a strange hybrid of a modern 21st century metropolis and ancient Rome. The most seasoned traveller can’t fail to be impressed by the Colosseum, or get a sense of how terrified combatants must have been two thousand years ago. And even though the Trevi Fountain is invariably teeming with visitors from all over the globe, it is gorgeous.

As for the Vatican, with its own postal system and extraordinary ceiling by none other than Michelangelo, it’s a must-see. Especially in the company of our Local Specialists who will make sure you come away with insights into why Michelangelo painted certain faces on certain biblical figures. You don’t have to be an art buff to enjoy it. It’s genuinely funny.

Florence outgrew its Roman origins to become the epicenter of the Renaissance. Home to writers, artists, philosophers and architects it’s more of an open museum than a city. There you’ll take in Michelangelo's David, works from Botticelli, Pontormo, Giambologna and Lorenzo Monaco, before we spirit you off to the Tuscan hills, where you will be invited to dine with a local family at a villa among the olive groves.

Whether you’re standing on one of its 400 bridges, lounging in a gondola on one of its 200 canals, or sitting in a waterside café; every view in Venice is simply stunning. Take time out in Piazza San Marco. Or simply wander. With its maze of alleys, charming squares and superb art galleries; Venice is a wonderful place to lose yourself.

Elegant, stylish, creative. Milan is a city of great beauty, where elaborate landmarks like the Duomo di Milano sit at the heart of a metropolis worshipped by fashionistas and designers. From famous art galleries housing works like Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper to a plethora of boutiques, Milan is an art-lovers’ and shoppers’ paradise – though there’s plenty more to keep you occupied. Come with us to Milan and our Local Specialists will show you and tell you about sights like La Scala, which plays stage to opera and ballet performances. Or spend some of the free time we’ve left in your itinerary to relax with a cappuccino and people-watch in one of the many cafes and bars.